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Baltimore MD.

Bed Bugs. 301 467 2300.

Fast Bed bug Exterminator.

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Rockville Bed bug treatments are about half the price.

Read the guide, Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely.


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Maryland Termites.

Termite Protection Plan. 

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I’m A Termite Control Expert!

Maryland’s Termite Inspection & Control Pro.

Baltimore Maryland’s Best Termite Exterminator.


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Baltimore ants.

Ants. 301 467 2300.

A can of ant bug spray will not do the trick.

Fast Pharaoh Ant Pest Control.

Maryland’s best Ant exterminator.

A Baltimore Carpenter Ant nests can be 200 feet away from your home.



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Silver Spring Roaches.

Cockroach. 301 467 2300.

Fast German Cockroach Pest Control.

You have a lot more roaches than you think.

I exterminate the roaches hiding in your walls.

Columbia Maryland’s Roaches only come out at night except for a few stupid ones.


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Baltimore Mouse.

Mice. 301 467 2300.

Fast Mouse Pest Control.

House Mice can have 8 babies in one litter.

Maryland’s house mice need almost no water.

Fast Maryland Mouse Rat & Rodent Extermination.


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Columbia MD Spider.

Spiders. 301 467 2300.

Fast Black Widow Spider Pest Control.

Fast Brown Recluse Spider Exterminator service.

I am an expert House Spider Exterminator.

Affordable Silver Spring Maryland Spider Pest Control.



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Carpenter Ant Germantown MD.

Carpenter Ants. 301 467 2300.

A Carpenter ant chews but does not eat wood.

My Laurel MD Carpenter Ant pest control just costs less.

Carpenter Ants endlessly chew up homes just to make a nest…

My Baltimore ant extermination just cost less.


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Squirrel Gaithersburg MD.

Squirrels. 301 467 2300.

Got Squirrels in the attic.

Nuisance wildlife & Squirrel removal.

Each Gray squirrel has two litters a year.

I trap Fox Squirrels and Rodents, call for your Squirrel Removal Price.

Baltimore Red Squirrels chew on electrical wiring & start many fires every year.


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Silver Spring MD Rat Exterminator.

Rats. 301 467 2300.

Norway Rat and Roof Rat Removal.

Fast Brown Rat & Black Rat Exterminator.

A rat will walk 200 feet to get the food and water it needs.

Baltimore Roof Rats need a lot of water and require a drink every day.


Fleas. 301 467 2300.

Maryland’s Flea Experts.

Affordable Flea Pests Control.

Laurel MD’s best Gnat & Flea Extermination.

Fleas are a Maryland pet owner’s nightmare.


Columbia MD Pest Control.

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Mosquito Control.  301 467 2300.

Mosquito Exterminating Experts.

Wedding and Event Mosquito lawn treatments.

I treat the lawn and yard so the party can go on.



Drain Flies.

Rockville Drain fly Experts.

Drain flies love the muck in your drains.


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House Flies.

House Fly Extermination.

Affordable House Fly Service.

Silver Spring Fly Pest Control.



Fruit Flies.

Baltimore’s Fruit Fly Pest Control Pro.

Germantown Fruit Fly Extermination Experts.

Bowie Maryland’s Fly Control Professionals.



Head And Body lice.

Laurel Maryland’s Lice Pest Control Experts.

Lice may be in your furniture.



Maryland’s Cricket Experts.

Columbia Maryland’s Cricket Pro’s.

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The Silverfish Extermination.

Laurel Silverfish Exterminating.

Fast Affordable Silverfish Eradication.

We’re A Reliable Pest Extermination service.

The Stinkbug Elimination.

Bowie MD Stinkbug Eradication.

The attic is a top Stinkbug hideout.

Let an expert stop the bug invasion..

The Tick Eradicating.

Gaithersburg MD’s Tick Experts.

Dog And Cat Tick Control Professionals.

I treat tick infested arias to protect your pets.

Bee & Wasp Removal.

Carpenter Bees, Sweat Bees and Paper Wasp.

Paper Wasp Eradication.

Laurel MD Yellow Jacket Bee Control.

Sweat Bees Carpenter Bees and Paper Wasp extermination is just a call away.

Restaurant Pest Control.   301 467 2300.

Ex Pest Control tolerates no rodent pests.

Extra Care is needed in commercial kitchen pest control.

My Ex Pest Control Commercial Services keeps your business sanitary.

Drain fly Pest Management Services for your Restaurant or Business.

We keep Germantown, Baltimore, Silver Spring Rockville & Columbia MD restaurants rodent free.

 Commercial Pest Control Services. FiStock_000002268779_Large

Baltimore Rodent Pest Management Services for Your Business.

Warehouses provide hiding places for rodents. 

Commercial Rodent bait stations keep business Moues Rat & Rodent free. 

Keeping Baltimore, Silver Spring, Rockville & Columbia MD’s business rodent free.


General Pest Control.

Truth is not all Pest Control Companies are created equal.

My competitors have low paid help that constantly changes.

I am a Maryland certified technician and have years of hands on experience.

I am a pest control expert, your complete satisfaction is so important.

 Ant Pest Control.

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Ant season is hear so it’s time to let a professional ant pest control company take care of your ant pest control needs for both commercial and residential pest control. Ants can become a pain as they get inside your home or business, they find their way into bathrooms kitchens and dining arias.

It is important to take a proactive approach to keep the ants out of your home or business. The first step in controlling ants in homes and businesses is to hire a professional ant pest control company to perform a complete ant inspection. A professional pest control company will establish where the ants located inside and outside your property. Most ant species lay down a chemical called pheromone trails along their route to and from their water and food, so that other ants in their colony can easily find the food sources. A professional exterminator knows what an ant needs, so the pest control technicians can then work on making your business or home less inviting to ant infestations.

Ants are more than a nuisance, because they also contaminate foods and other goods in homes and commercial restaurants so if you are running a company, or business then you need to ensure that you hire a professional industrial pest control company to control and eradicate ant problems before they damage your business. We have the ant management solutions that work to control ants indoors and provide superior ant control outdoors.

It time to ant-proof your home or commercial building.

When you choose Ex Pest Control for your ant proofing services you can rest assured that your home or commercial building ant problem will be completely eliminated. Ants are a seemingly harmless insect that can end up doing a lot of damage to your home or business if not dealt with. These uninvited guests build their nests at our homes and in our businesses, use your resources, invade your kitchen, and, sometimes, carry diseases and parasites that can contaminate our food.

After the interior of your home has been treated, a licensed service technician will inspect the exterior of the home or commercial business to identify sources of the ant infestation. Ex Pest Control will use our years of ant removal experience to free your home or business from ant occupation and prevent future infestations. Successful treatments include an inspection to locate the source, and a treatment plan to eradicate the entire colony.

All ants are social insects and have three main castes, queens, males and workers. Queens lay all the eggs and direct the nest by way of different scents. Most of the workers take care of the eggs and larvae and the queen and only a few look for food. Workers have the job of building and defending the nest as well as locating food to maintain the entire colony. Ex Pest Control often gets rid of ants in just one visit.

Ant Exterminator Maryland.

Maryland carpenter ant extermination treatments must target the queen. I think only five kinds of ants become a common Silver Spring MD pests needing some sort of ant extermination treatment. A can of bug spray will not exterminate the queen because she is hiding, ants cant be fully exterminated with a can of bug spray.

Routine spraying of their pheromone trails rarely provides the cure, since there are a lot more ants where those came from. Moisture also attracts insects, so fix leaky faucets and pipes, faulty grades, clogged gutters and downspouts.

Maryland Ant Exterminating Pro’s.

There are probably only four Species that enter Maryland’s homes and need a Maryland ant exterminator. When the queen of the colony dies, the colony can only survive a few months. Queens are rarely replaced and the workers are not able to reproduce.

Pharaoh Ant Control Pest Control.

Maryland’s Pharaoh ant’s are super small and a pale red, pest control is sometimes difficult because finding the nest is hard. Colonies can be large, some contain more than 100,000 individuals. Ant pest control is common in Commercial buildings for the Pharaoh ant because they love hospitals restaurants and office buildings to nest in.

The super small pharaoh ant is (1/12-inch) long and a yellow to reddish-brown. It is nearly identical to the thief ant (Solenopsis molesta) most people can not tell them apart. They nest in voids in floors behind wood molding in, walls and ceilings. In hospitals, Pharaoh ants pose a health risk because they can carry infectious bacteria.

Pharaoh ant colonies do not spread by swarming, but instead by “budding,”, Budding is when they break apart and establishing sub-colonies and make new locations. When the colony is stressed by the application of repellent liquid or dust pesticides they make new nests in defense.

Odorous House Ant Pest Control.

Odorous House Ant Pest Control  is not so simple because this super small pest can have a nest that numbers into the thousands. Bowie MD’s Odorous House Ant is Small black and smells when crushed. The Odorous House Ant is the pest I get the most pest control calls for. This 1/8-inch long, black and can be confused with the pavement ant, until the odorous house ant is crushed, it then releases an odor that smells like rotten coconuts. Nests are found under rocks, boards and other debris, most often outside near your home. Odorous House ants will move indoors during rains in the spring and in the fall. They feed on plant and fruit juices, sweets, honeydew, meat and dairy products. These ants are top Maryland pest and infest homes and restaurants and other Commercial buildings alike.

Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Maryland.

Carpenter Ant Control.

To control carpenter ants keep moisture to a minimum, fix leaky pipes and fix window and door weather stripping to keep moisture out. ventilating damp spaces like crawl spaces and damp garages is the first step in Carpenter Ant Pest Control.

They forage in homes and wooden commercial structures in search of moisture and damp wood, a new nesting site may be a kitchen, bathrooms, or other rooms that have water leaks. To control carpenter ant populations permanently it is important to dry things up.

Carpenter ants forage mostly at night. Their peak foraging hours are just before sunset until two hours after sunset, then again around dawn. Foraging starts with loosely defined trails of individual ants that seem to wander aimlessly. Trees and shrubs which are infested with honeydew-producing insects will have Carpenter ants wandering in all directions over leaf surfaces, up and down the stems.

College Park Maryland carpenters ants are big and black sometimes red, they chews up homes with numerous nesting places. They forage at night so put out food and follow them to the nest that is often in your home. Carpenter ant swarmers are winged ants that leave the colonies to mate and are often found in your home


Ant Exterminator in Maryland.

Get rid of ants?

Getting rid of Pavement Ants can be difficult. Gaithersburg’s pavement ants get their name because they make their nests in pavement cracks. This is a small black Baltimore pest and is hard to get rid of because it has multiple queens and nesting sites. To exterminate this pest deprive it of its food source. An experience pavement ant exterminator will accurately identify this pest and have the professional pest control treatments that work.

This is one of the most common pests found in restaurants and  commercial structures is the pavement ant, nests also can be found in logs, mulch, but often under rocks and pavement. Pavement ants are black and small about 1/6-inch long. They forage 40 feet or more from their nest in search of a variety of foods, including and oils, seeds, grease sweets and honeydew from aphids. They are often seen indoors after heavy rains flood their underground nests.

Big Headed Ant.

The Hyattsville MD Big Headed Ant of Maryland, it is small red with a very big head, its head is the largest part of this ant. Big Headed Ant nest may have thousands of workers and multiple queens. We treat even the odd pest in out of the way places like Ellicott city, Olney, and  Montgomery Village.

Baltimore’s Big Headed Ants build nests, in almost any place it nest under concrete slabs, flagstone or rocks. Exterminating Big headed ants is difficult because I must know all about the pest in order to treat it. Some ant nests are relatively permanent yet other nests are sessional and last for only a short period of time.

Argentine Ant.

Germantown’s Argentine ants have thousands of workers and because the multiply fast may be a major pest. Argentine ants tend to stay outdoors if wet they sometimes invade homes and commercial business, they are a dark brown color.

Crazy ant.

It is called the Crazy ant because it is a crazy looking ant with big legs, they are not a native of Germantown Bethesda, or Shady Grove Maryland.

Acrobat Ant.

The Greenbelt MD Acrobat Ant has a unique, heart shaped abdomen. These are small, Acrobat Ants tend to enter homes through cracks in the foundation and the small gaps around doors and windows. It is not a common pest but keep in mind it can sting when threatened. Acrobat ants can be on the roof and in a second floor bedroom. Damp wood and a little bit of food attracts Acrobat ants.

Indoors the Acrobat Ants nest is most often ware water damage has occurred. These pests prefer damp decaying wood inside walls, on the outside look for the acrobat ant to be nesting in rotten wood or old tree stumps possibility in your firewood.

Thief Ant.

The Langley Park thief ant is a Maryland pest it is honey colored and commonly enters homes in hot weather. Thief ants eat pet food meat bread and fruit, they eat about anything, including dead animals. The Thief ant is so small it can enter sealed packages their by getting its name as a thief.

Winged Ants.

Male Winged Ants appear for a short period, his duty is only to mate so a Baltimore pest control treatment is not needed for them. The Columbia MD carpenter ant as an example has possibly a thousand of ants with wings making a mating flight all at about the same time.

The strong ants go high in the air and the new queen will fly up to meet them and choose a strong mate and drop back down to earth. This the way a new nest is started with a new queen as the boss. Termites and winged carpenter ants can be found in Wheaton Beltsville and Greenbelt Maryland.

Ant Larvae.

The small larvae are, grub like and are fed, cleaned and moved around by adult workers. Thief ant larvae can consume solid food particles and they turn it into a liquid that all the adults can eat. Honeydew is an example of a liquid adult thief ants eat. Solid Sugar must be fed to larva to produce an editable liquid for the adults to eat. The pupae are an inactive pre-adult ants and are the last stage before becoming adults. Knowing the lifestyle of Germantown’s ants is the key to, business home restaurant or office extermination.

Female Workers.

In any ant colony it is female workers that preform all tasks. Most are workers that perform nest-building and egg and larva maintenance activities. When worker ants find food they leave a sent behind as they take a straight path to the nest. As they return they lay down a scent trail for others to follow. All the odorous house ants invading your Jessup Odenton or Bethesda home are females.


When the food source is liquid, honeydew as an example workers consume it and can store some of the excess in their bodies. A Baltimore ant exterminator with a sweet bait is the best kind of thief ant pest control. If the food is a solid like sugar thief ants take it to the larva to consume, they in turn transform it into a liquid that all can eat. If the food is solid, like sugar granules Argentine ants transport it back to the nest, where larvae convert it to liquid, now all the works can consume it.

The most common natural liquid food source for Rockville  Crazy ants  is honeydew, it is created by aphids, ants just can not get enough. The Honeydew is a liquid made by insects such as aphids or mealybugs. Good Columbia MD Pest Control starts with knowing your pest, I have the treatments that work. Ant baits are pesticides available in solid, gel and liquid forms. Some baits contain insect growth regulators that prevent immature Crazy ants from becoming adults.

Spraying the ants defeats the purpose of the bait and will prolong the problem.

Ant Queens.

An Argentine ant colony has either a single queen or multiple queens, but there is always a dominate queen. Some queens live for only a few summer months, but others, may live for six years or more. Many mature colonies produce winged queens and winged males at a certain time each year that swarm, this is how they reproduce. Most of the winged males die soon after mating, the queen sheds and sometimes eats her wings and searches for a new nesting site. Many winged Argentine ants  do mating flights to start new nests. My Pest Control service keeps the pests out of your commercial restaurant home or office.

Ant Budding.

Pharaoh ants have groups of workers that take the larvae from their nest and move them to another location, there they raise these larvae as new queens, this is called budding. When you uses bug spray pharaoh ants in defense do a lot of budding. No Laurel MD store will have the things you need for complete pest control because the pest control things you get in the store are intentionally weak to be safe.

Ant Facts.

  • Insects, Lots of insects enter homes but only four or five ant species tend to enter Maryland’s homes.
  • Budding.  Pharaoh ants take eggs and larva to a new location to develop a new queen and nest.
  • Honeydew, is produced by insects that suck juice out of plants. Aphids are the number one honeydew producers.
  • Larvae, Workers move and clean larva.
  • Species, there are more than 11,000 species of world wide. pesticide.
  • Queen, control the entire nest, if she is lost the nests dies out.
  • Eyes, ants have  compound eyes comprised of lots of tiny lenses, they are all attached together to form one eye. Their eyes are detect movements but do not give a high resolution picture of the image.
  • Antenna, the elbowed antennae detect, air currents, and vibrations. The ants antennae is bent unlike most other insects.
  • Jaws, most of the larger species have stronger mandibles and larger heads and are sometimes called soldiers.
  • Legs all ants have six legs .
  • Wings, only during reproductive mating do, queens, and males, develop wings. They are poor flyers so the flights last for just minutes. The wings are discarded chewed off or eaten after mating. Ants make new nests during a mating flight, Some larva grow wings.
  • Metasoma, the abdomen is call the metasoma.
  • Mandibles, Are ant jaws.

Ant Pest Control in Maryland.

One form of ant pest control is to do a periminater spray around the outside of a structure. When I cannot locate the nesting site, an outdoor perimeter treatment spray is very effective I spray the foundation from the ground up to about 3 feet, then I spray out about 3 feet.

Ant Repellent.

As an ant repellent is a safe and effective form of ant pest control, simply sprinkle some finely ground cinnamon around the plant that is being attacked. Ants will not cross over the border because of cinnamon’s potent smell. Chalk, talcum powder or curry powder may also be of some help as a repellent. An ant Pesticide is a poison that kills insect pests.

Organic Ant Control.

Plants like henbit, geranium, garlic, aster, calendula, chrysanthemum and mint are organic and deter ants and other pests. Lemon juice, Peppermint, Borax, Diatomaceous earth, Chalk, and Vinegar are all natural remedies. Soapy water is a natural insecticide that kills sugar ants and many other pests.

Try white vinegar and water because ants really hate vinegar, make this easy pesticide by just using vinegar and water. A can of insecticide spray can not exterminate ant queens.


 Rodent Exterminators in Maryland.

Best Maryland Price Save About 50%.

301 467 2300

Mouse Tip

  • A mouse will have about 5 mice  in a litter.
  • The female will have 10 litters in a year.
  • She will likely bring 40 new mice in your home.

Are your looking to find the best rodent exterminator in Montgomery County, Maryland, call Ex Pest Control. Maryland’s House Mouse Pest Control is important. Silver Spring Maryland house mice must be the most troublesome pests in the United States because they contaminate food-preparation surfaces with their urine and feces.

Mice and rodent feces contain the bacterium that causes food poisoning and salmonellosis. Mouse and rodent gnawing causes damage to homes other structures and property. The house mouse (Mus musculus) needs an expert Silver Spring MD rodent exterminator. We are one of the best Pest control companies in Montgomery County Maryland.

Mice Exterminators in Maryland.

Gnawing Rats and Mice.

Gnawing mouse can cause costly damage to wiring in walls and in the attic and may also cause a fire. Rodent proofing is so important and can save hundreds if not thousands in home repairs. Because mice are chewers, it is recommended to pack copper wool or steel wool into holes and gaps first, and then apply a tar calk sealant. Nail Metal flashing as a covering for larger holes, this creates a chew-resistant mouse rant rodent barrier.

We are experts and safely exterminate Bethesda, Shady Grove and Wheaton Maryland mice from your home or commercial business.

Next look for fresh gnawing marks.

Rodent Droppings.

The top mice Norway Rat and rodent indicator is the small black droppings, in a bad infestation there will be hundreds of them and plenty of urine marks. The excrement and feces can be in the attics insulation. The urine and feces are vectors for disease so don’t assume mice and rats are just nuisance pests.

Good Germantown rodent pest control starts with a good inspection I have the best mouse rat and rodent control treatments. Gerbils, lemmings, hamsters, voles, capybaras, porcupines, agouti, guinea pigs and chinchillas are just a few other rodent species. Each rodent has unique rodent droppings and sometimes can be identified you its feces alone.

Rodent Nest.

The Mouse and Norway rats nests is made from fine shredded paper or other soft material, the nest is often found only in out of the way sheltered locations like a closet or unused dresser drawer. Mice and rats have the characteristic musky odor so if you smell them you have a house full of them. Exterminate mice before they fill up you home, because if you smell them trust me you have a house full of them. A rodent nesting area will have the most odor. Maryland’s best Mouse and rat extermination service is only a call away.

Rodent teeth.

The front of a rodents tooth has a hard enamel and the back of the tooth has soft enamel, it wares away quickly leaving only a thin sharp edge. A rodent always has sharp front teeth because its teeth never stop growing.

 Mouse Pest Control

Proper identification of the infesting pest is the first step with rodent pest control. Maryland House mice are brown to sort of a gray rodents with small eyes with not eyelids. An adult house mouse weight in is less than an ounce and are less than 8 inches long, including its tail. In just one year, a female house mouse may have up to 10 litters and each litter will have five to eight young in it. The young mice are born about 20 days after mating, they become mature in about 8 weeks. The life span of the house mouse is less than a year.

Mouse Food.

Mice usually feed on seed and grains, but they will eat just about any kind of available food they are omnivores. Mice have keen senses, of hearing, smell taste and touch. but have poor eyesight and use their whiskers to help them get around. A house mouse will eat about anything and eats only what is handy.

Climbing Mice.

House mice are excellent at climbing and can climb any rough vertical surface like a door frame with ease. They slide or run along wires, cables or ropes and move about inside walls. This little athlete is able to jump up 12 inches from the floor onto a flat surface. They seem to like to climb into the attic so rodent proofing is important because a dead animal in the attic will smell. That is why we offer dead animal removal and dead animal deodorizing services. They will gnaw to get into the attic.

If you hear scratching in the attic it is a squirrel or house mice and not a rat because rats like to be near the ground.

Rodent Pest Control & Prevention.

Good sanitation will seldom eliminate your mouse problem becuse they need so little food or water to survive but poor sanitation attracts mice and lots of them. Sanitation should be at the top of the list of any rodent pest control program.

Office Building Warehouses and Commercial Restaurants often have dumpster with plenty of food to attract mice. With plenty of food they will be attracted to the food and this permits them multiply fast. A cluttered Baltimore home with plenty of food will fill with mice quickly.

Excluding Baltimore’s house mice is more effective than exterminating them. Seal any openings larger than the size of a dime,because rodents gnaw to enlarge even a small hole. I keep Steel wool on my truck and mixed with tar based caulking makes a good unappetizing plug. The Patching material needs to dry smooth and dry hard to prevent mice from chewing through the patching compound. My Silver Spring mouse pest control service seals up the holes to stop rat mouse and rodent infestation. Rodent proofing and Prevention is the key to getting rid of rodents..

Field Mice Extermination.

Trapping is the most effective field mouse extermination method inside homes and commercial buildings. Trapping invading field mice rats and rodents has big advantages because you see quick results. The rodent attractant I use is not hazardous poisons. Trapping lets me see the results so we can make adjustments if necessary also the dead mouse rats and rodents can be disposed of outside your restaurant home or office.

I am an expert rat exterminator Baltimore’s best, I know how to treat trap and control field mice. A trap with peanut butter as bait will work for you, but I use a professional rodent attractant and think it works best because it stays fresh much longer. Exterminating laurel MD’s mice rats and rodent Pest Control is what I do best.  Mice seldom venture far from their food supply and shelter, I place traps no more than 15 feet apart if there is any mice activity I also place glue board traps along walls where I am sure mice travel.

Rat Pest Control

Rat Trapping.

Everyone calls rats, Brown rats or Sewer rats or Street rats is actually a Norway rat, it is big and brown and lives in basement garages and sewers.

Trapping is the best necessary pests control step for treating brown rats that are already inside your home. A verity of rodent traps are available, including mouse and rat snap traps, rodent box traps and mice and rat glue traps. The little black mice droppings provide clues as to where the rodents are living.

Improve your chances of exterminating rats by setting twenty or more traps in different locations no more than fifteen feet apart. Consider setting a group of traps two together because many rats mice and rodents often share an aria, my Columbia MD rodent pest control service treats mice rats and rodents.

Dead animals can get trapped in the attic and smell so we offer dead animal odor control. My Ex Pest Control service offers a deodorization of dead animal service.  We remove dead animals such as rats mice and squirrels and deodorize the aria. Rodents trapped in the attic are more than nuisance pests they may gnaw cause damage and die in your attic.

White-footed Mouse Invasion.

Fall is the time when Laurel Maryland homeowners notice mice moving in the home for the winter. There are two species of mice other than the House Mouse native to Maryland seasonally. Deer Mouse, White-footed Mouse and the Field-Mouse mice may get into homes in search of warmth. My Baltimore rodent exterminating service kicks them out fast. The House Mouse on the other hand, lives year-round in your home.

If it can get its head through, about ¼ inch or larger hole it will get its body through also a hole the size of a nickel is all they need. Chewing is part of a rodents life and they chew paper, insulation, foam and any other material that can be used to make a nest. Deer Mouse sometimes hoard and hide food, much like a Gray squirrel, such as corn and bird seed.

Maryland Deer Mouse Pest Control.

We are Maryland’s Deer Mouse Pest Control experts.  Exclusion is better than exterminating and is the best method of avoiding the seasonal visits from Deer and White-footed mice. Maryland mice squeeze in gaps where the siding meets the foundation or where pipes enter your home. Holes in foundations and poorly fitting doors are places where mice get in. Often I find weather striping chewed and or missing on garage doors. Mice are excellent climbers, so holes even high in a wall must be addressed. House mice easily travel up walls and within walls, so repairs to exterior openings are necessary. It is not likely to find a deer mouse in an Ellicott city, Olney, and  Montgomery Village home because they do not like warm homes. Rodent Exterminator

Rodent Facts.

  • Exclusion is the best rodent pest control.
  • Your Bird feeder attracts Norway rats and mice.
  • Mice and roof rats are out at night and eat your birdseed.
  • The birdseed on the ground becomes rat food and mouse food.
  • House Mice love your dogs food so keep your pet food in sealed container.
  • House mice are about eight inches long. Maryland House Mouse Guide.
  • Your house mice have about three-inch long tails.
  • A mousses Lifespan is just 9 to 12 months.
  • Just one house mouse may have up to ten litters of mice in one year.
  • House mice have 4 to 8 young.
  • Expect your house mouse to have eight litters a year but she could have 10.
  • House mice stay pregnant for about 20 days.
  • House mice may have mice of her own in just six weeks.
  • Just one house mouse can produce 60 little mice just one year.
  • MD’s best mouse exterminator is on call now.

Get Rid of Mice and Rats.

It is unlikely that you will get rid of mice and rats by yourself a professional pest control company will show you the tips and tricks that work. A Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control is not a residential homeowner project, because toxic poison bait and snap traps can cause injury it is best to leave the rodent exterminating to a professional pest control company.

Most home owners do not understand that a couple of mouse traps and some poison bait will not solve the problem. Most rodents are nocturnal and only forage at night so eliminating wildlife can be difficult.

House Mouse Control.

House mice are rodents that are commonly found living near people. Rats Rodent and House Mouse Control can be costly because they are destructive to homes and can carry germs and bacteria that make people sick. Baltimore’s Rodents often make nests in kitchens, garages, garden out buildings, attics. I find that bedroom closets seem to be a top rodent hiding spots. Norway Rats and mice are always in and around people’s homes, in warehouses and in office buildings. Expert Silver Spring MD mice roof rat and rodent pest control is just a call away. This little mouse can be found in many Beltsville, Greenbelt  or Jessup Maryland commercial buildings.

House Mouse Exterminator.

Often a professional house mouse exterminator is needed to rodent proof a home.  House mice use pheromones for their communication. The Pheromones from adult male mice cause females to speed up sexual maturation. Male house mice can emit ultrasonic calls to attract females. The gestation period for a mouse is about 20 days, and they give birth to a litter of about seven young. The newborn pups have there eyes opening at about 13 days. A House Mouse pup is weaned at around 21 days. Our Commercial Odenton Greenbelt and Olney Maryland pest control service eliminates rodents from your home or business.

A Female House mouse reaches maturity at about seven weeks. The Male House mice are territorial and protective of their mates. Often you will find small groups of mice inhabiting an aria. House mice usually live less than one year in the wild because In the wild there is a high level of predation so many do not survive. In your restaurant home or office, house mice may live two years.

Rodenticides Anticoagulant

Anticoagulant rodenticides, death may take a week after a lethal does. An Anticoagulant rodenticide blocks a vitamin K cycle, this results in inability of blood clotting. All Anticoagulants damage blood vessels causing internal bleeding. As an example Bedbugs inject saliva with anticoagulants.

Attractants use pheromones and bait such as sugar peanut butter to attract the pest to a snap trap or glue trap. Attractants pose no hazard because they lure pests and have not poison. This is a safe form of pest control.

The Cost of a Mouse Exterminator.

We often cost 50% less because we do not have TV advertising or supervisors to pay.


Rodent Exterminators in Maryland

My rodent Pest Control service can have this pest out of your home or office today. The most common rodents encountered by residents in the Baltimore and Silver Spring aria are the Norway Rat and the House Mouse and gray Squirrels, all these rodents are experts at jumping. A mouse can jump thirteen inches, when climbing, they can clime straight up a wooden pole, and can swim across your swimming pool with ease. These rodents can chew a hole in a cement block if they have to and squeezing through very small spaces. I am an expert Maryland rat exterminator, Get Rid of Rodents today.

Maryland Rat Exterminator.

The Norway rat digs under concrete slabs and travels through burrows. Rat Extermination may be difficult because this rodent digs tunnels that most often have two or more exits. It may nest two hundred feet and sometimes more from its food and supply. Ellicott City Rats can make a nest in your home or garage by gnawing holes in walls, and squeezing through holes cracks and crevices the size of a quarter. A hole the size of a quarter is a tight fit for the Norway rat but if he can get his head through he will get his body through.

Norway Rat Control.

The Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus, ) is a destructive pest found in many Silver Spring Maryland homes and businesses. Norway Rat pest control is difficult because a row of town homes all put trash out at the same time so mice rats and rodents have lots of food to choose from. They contaminate food, damage property by gnawing and burrowing and defecating spreading diseases that affect people and pets.  

Norway rats are plump brownish gray rodents that weigh about 12 ounces and are about 16 inches long including the tail. Their fur is mostly brown and the underside is sort of grey in color. Rats will eat almost any type of food but will avoid any newly introduce food for a few days if. Knowing how the rat lives is the first step in quality commercial Pest Control.

Roof Rats like most rodents need about an ounce of water daily when feeding on dry food like your dogs food, unlike the house mouse the rat needs a drink every day. Norway Rats have keen taste, keen hearing and a good sense of smell but do not see well, you will not sneak up on one.  A rat can gain entrance to a building through any opening about the size of a quarter.

Rat Pest Control

Exterminating Norway Rats.

Exterminating rats is important because on average rat can have up to six litters per year. The Norway Rats live for up to a year and a half but most live about a year.  Norway Rats have litters of up to 12 and are born about 22 days after mating. The young Norway Rats reach sexual maturity in about three months, breeding can take place all year long. They like to live under cement patios sidewalks and porches.

Trap Mice Rats and Rodents first.

Trapping Mice Rats and Rodents is the recommended pest control method for control inside a home or structure, because it is safe and effective. If poison bait is used first many dead rats will smell so it is best to trap and remove as may animals as you can first. Many varieties of residential rodent traps are available such as a mouse box trap a Rat snap trap and mice glue boards.

Thirty well place glue boards can catch a lot of mice but all traps become effective when used with professional rodent attractants. With rats more so than mice it is important to keep the trap in one place to give rodents a chance to get used to it being there. Norway rats are afraid of all things new and may take a few days to except anything new.

Ex Pest Control has the pest management solutions for rat and mouse control in Maryland.

Rat Facts.

  • Smell… Roof rats have well-developed senses of smell,
  • Whiskers… Roof rats and mice have long, sensitive whiskers that they use to touch walls to help them get around.
  • Food… Most rodents are herbivorous, exclusively feeding plant material such as seeds and roots.
  • Norway Rat… Brown rats usually live in small colonies that may have up to six females sharing one burrow.
  • Territory… One male defends the territory around the burrow.
  • Rodents… Deer Mice, House mice, Norway Rats (Brown Rat) and Roof Rats (Black Rat).

Commercial Rodent Control.

Commercial Rodent Control often requires a rodenticide poison bait to kill rats and mice.

Food mixed with poison is called a rodenticide bait and is often use commercially for rat and mouse control. There are many types of rodenticide on the market. Some require repeated doses over many days but others are a fast track bait so a mouse will die in just one feeding. Fast track rodent pest control rodenticides kill the rodent after a single feeding. Mouse pest control rodenticide bait must be in tamper-proof containers, so pests and children can get to them.

First put out food with no bait for a few days so all get used to free food. Now put rodenticides in areas where the hungry mice are already feeding. Mice tend not tend not to be suspicious of new objects, they may even just check out a trap with no bait. Mice like to nibble all night long they may just get sick if they eat just a little at a time.

Rat Facts.

  • Norway rats are out only out at night and eat just about anything three females may be in a borough.
  • Norway rats tend to live in groups so its unlikely you have just one.
  • Rats are afraid of anything new for a few days.
  • Rats can climb, trees, and telephone poles, brick walls and walk across telephone lines.
  • A Rats can leap more than four feet horizontally. and can jump three feet in the air from a flat surface.
  • Rats can fall from a height of 50 feet without getting hurt.
  • If a rat’s head fits into the hole then its whole body can follow.
  • Don’t underestimate Rats because they can chew through a cinder block, and aluminum sheeting.
  • Rats’ teeth grow about four inches a year, so they must gnaw to trim their teeth.
  • Norway Rats typically cannot go without food for more than 4 days so cover trash cans tightly.
  • Trap up your Olney Maryland mice because female rats can have as many as 8-12 offspring about every 30 days .

Roof rat facts.

  • Most Roof rats live near Baltimore’s waterways.
  • Most roof rats live south of Maryland Because they prefer warmer weather.
  • Roof rats are black but Norway rats are brown.
  • Roof rats eat about anything.
  • Young rats are sexually mature at 3-4 months of age.
  • In the U.S., about 14,000 people annually report direct attacks from rats.


Rodent Exterminator Silver Spring Pest Control Pro.

Keep Trash Tightly Closed.

Rockville MD’s garbage needs to be put in a rodent-proof container, with a tight lid remember they climb well. This in itself will not exterminate rodents but will stop there rapid expansion. If you let roof rats have all the food they want the multiply fast. Prevent bird seed from falling to the ground, remember rodents are only out at night and they eat up all spilled seed. Holes larger than a dime should be plugged because a rodents will gnaw to make them larger.

Plug holes with mesh and seal cracks to prevent rodents from entering your home.  All doors, should have weather stripping a mouse rat or rodent of any kind will take advantage of even a small gap.  Rodent pest control treatments are not effective if there is too much other food to eat.

Rats eat spilled bird seed flower bulbs and just about anything they can easily find during the night. Rats and mice can smell well and will gnaw a way on anything they think has food in it. Quality Germantown pest control treatments start with knowing your pest.

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Cockroach Exterminator in Maryland

Best Maryland Price Save About 50%.

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Serving Montgomery, Price Georges, Howard, & Anne Arundel Counties.

Cockroach & Disease.

Columbia MD’s German Cockroaches are threat to human health because they are contaminating our indoor environment. Quality German Cockroach Pest Control starts with knowing the pest well. Cockroaches spread pathogens and disease, and bacteria that contaminates our food and produces food poisoning in humans. Restaurants and other commercial business must be extra carful.

American Cockroaches crawl on and contaminate our food, and preparation surfaces, our dishes and eating utensils. Maryland’s best  Cockroach exterminator is on call now, expect to save 50% or more.

Maryland Cockroach Exterminator.

Roaches Trigger Asthma.

Most experts agree that the roach may be able to trigger asthma. A qualified German cockroach exterminator must treat all the nesting spots or the infestation will return. The Cockroach nymphs shed their skin five or more times and in time this in time turns to a dust that gets inhaled. Particles of skin along with bits of brown banded cockroach feces, are anlagen’s. When we inhale this dust it causes allergic and asthmatic type reactions. Several species of cockroaches infest Shady Grove, Beltsville and Jessup Maryland homes and business, but the German cockroach is the most common.

Quality Service for Home & Business Owners.

Most of the domestic Oriental cockroaches have tropical origins and can not tolerate the cold. The German cockroach, cannot survive even temperate winters outdoors. All roaches primarily nocturnal and they prefer warm, moist places to live. They need to feed on human and pet foods, some cockroaches feed on decaying matter. Commercial Cockroach Exterminating Maryland’s roaches is what we at Ex Pest Control do best.

German Cockroach Pest Control.

The German cockroach (Blatella germanica) is the most common laurel Maryland roach needing the most cockroach Pest Control treatments. It is about a half-inch long and brown and tends only to be out only in the dark. The German cockroach, adults and the older nymphs have two black stripes on the back. This species will explode in numbers if you don’t use an experienced German cockroach exterminator. Commercial Restaurants and must use extra care get rid of roaches.

Speak to a roach exterminator in Maryland for savings of 50% or more, our commercial restaurant office and warehouse service often costs less.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation.

Roaches Are Out At Night. Coming out of hiding can be dangerous, so they usually only come out in darkness. They choose nesting spots, most often within twelve feet of their food and water sources. They prefer to go just two or three feet for food and water if that is possible so pesticide treatments work well with cockroach infestations.

 Eliminate Cockroach Eggs.

She typically has about forty eggs in her capsule, most will hatch so German cockroach populations tend to build quickly. About 80 percent of roaches are nymphs in hiding and only twenty percent are adults in a thriving nest. The German cockroach has a rapid reproduction ability, the female can have up to fifty eggs in her egg sack and most will hatch. Most roaches drop their egg capsules long before the eggs hatch so other roaches or grass spiders may eat them.

The German roach holds the egg capsule until the eggs a day or two from hatching. To exterminate Germantown roaches takes knowledge of the pest. Odenton Maryland’s best German Cockroach exterminator is on call now.

Control of German Cockroaches.

German Cockroach control starts by cleaning up. The German cockroach prefers to live in groups the prime hiding places are behind stoves, under countertops and under refrigerators. Roaches defecate leaving brown to black parches that contain pheromones. This pheromone sent sends signals that mark points where roaches will gather. Home and restaurant and food service kitchens are top locations to find this pest.

Oriental Cockroach.

The Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) is called a waterbugs by some people. I find these in basements, and garages. Oriental cockroaches likes a cooler habitat with lots of moisture. Outdoors it may survive a temperate winter making it more cold tolerant than most roaches. This is a big Maryland roach, adults are up to 1 ¼ inches long. Ex Pest Control will take care of your Silver Springs MD roach problem and we charge less. Its time to call an experienced Jessup MD Oriental cockroach exterminator.

American Cockroach Control.

The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is probably the biggest Maryland roach your will see, it is a big 2 inches long. The American cockroach is reddish brown, in color and can fly only if the temperature gets above 85 F. They prefer sewers basements and commercial buildings because they are slow to reproduce and on the average it takes them about 15 months to go from egg to adult.

The American cockroach’s ootheca is dark brown to black in color. A female American cockroach may develop up to 90 egg sacks in her lifetime. She may carry her egg case for just a few days and then hides it in an out of the way location. The American cockroach matures in less than 38 days. We are Wheaton Maryland’s  American Cockroach Pest Control experts.

Brownbanded Cockroach.

This cockroach prefers higher temperatures of about 80 F. Brownbanded cockroaches (Supella longipalpa), males are a golden orange color. Brownbanded Cockroaches may jump if disturbed. I exterminate Silver Spring, Montgomery Village and Bethesda Maryland’s Brown banded roach for a lot less money, Expect to Save 50%.

 Woods Cockroach Exterminating.

The Woods cockroach males are up to an inch long are strong fliers and are attracted to lights. Woods roaches can be brought in on firewood but can be found in logs on stumps and in woodpiles. My Columbia MD Woods cockroach pest control service will exterminate roaches today.

Cockroach Control in Maryland.

Maryland cockroach control begins with stopping egg production. A cockroach produces an egg sack, known as Ootheca. Most cockroach species drop the egg case early and they may be eaten by other insects, the German roach protects its oorheca until the eggs are almost ready to hatch. The German roach is the number one roach pest in laurel Maryland kitchens.

Brown-banded Cockroach.

The brown-banded cockroach’s females produce up to 20 cases in a lifetime. Up to 18 embryos come from each egg case. Brown-banded nymphs have two yellow bands on their abdomens. Brown banded Nymphs become adults in less than six months. The American cockroach’s egg sack is a dark brown, a female may develop as many as 90 egg sacks in her lifetime.

Exterminating Cockroaches.

How to get rid of Roaches.

German cockroach nymphs seldom venture more than 2 feet from their hiding places. Exterminating Brown-banded Cockroach adults is important. Sanitation is important because baits perform better when alternative sources of food are unavailable. In homes and in commercial buildings the best way to get rid of roaches is toe clean up.

American or Oriental cockroaches may be living around the outside a home or building, seal up points where roaches can gain access to the building’s interior. Quality Baltimore Brown-banded cockroach pest control is just a call away, my Brown-banded cockroach exterminator service will may short work of any roach problem.

Commercial Insecticide Treatments.

I often apply a commercial insecticide according to label directions, close to where cockroaches are hiding. The best commercial insecticides will not be effective if roaches are not exposed to them so identifying harborage is important.

Aerosol’s & Bait.

The total-release aerosol’s, roach bombs as some call them are not effective and are a significant fire and health hazard. Fumigation with these seldom does much good. I treat foundations where American and Oriental cockroaches occur, using boric acid, dusts, various liquid residual pesticides. These can work for months to keep then out of your home. I apply to cracks and voids as a thin, barely visible layer.

With gels and container baits for cockroaches many placements have to be made because roaches tend to go just a few feet for food or water. I put gel bait at the edges of shelves, wherever roaches are hiding.

Asthma Trigger.

  • Cockroaches may cause asthma symptoms in children.
  • The dry cockroaches skin becomes dust and is inhaled to cause asthma like symptoms.

They are hiding.

  • Shady Grove Maryland’s Cockroaches are deep in the walls and like to be behind your dishwater so you will not kill them with bug spray.
  • German Cockroaches do not come out until they become adults.
  • Ellicott City Cockroach colony’s are made up of about 70% nymphs, you will not see them until they become adults.

We are Cockroach exterminators in Maryland that are able to get rid of roach pests in your home office restaurant or small business.


Bed bug Pest Control.

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How to identify Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are rust red to brown oval bug that feed on people and animals. They are about the size of an apple seed and can live for months without a blood meal a hearty bug can go a year without eating. The bugs are flat and some are so small they can slip into a crack as thin as a credit card.

We are an effective bed bug inspection & extermination company for residential, industrial and commercial properties.

 Pest Control Tips.

  • Seal cracks because bed bugs are very flat and can slip into the smallest crack.
  • If you have a sweet musty odor you have a lot of bedbugs that is because just a few of them do not smell.
  • Newly hatched nymphs are translucent, light almond in color, and become darker as they moult and reach maturity.
  • Bedbugs inject saliva with anticoagulants so you do not feel the bite.
  • Males pierce the female’s abdomen to impregnate her so she climbs walls to avoid them.
  • The females tend to avoid the males so climb walls and hide behind pictures.
  • Bed bugs have five immature nymph life stages and then become an sexually mature adult.
  • They shed ecdysis skin during each molting stage.
  • The skin turns to dust and is inhaled, causing asthma like symptoms.
  • The discarded exoskeletons are small translucent and sort of an almond color.
  • Before becoming fertile adults, the bugs must molt six times leaving almond colored skin behind.
  • The bugs need one or more blood meals to complete each moult.
  • The tropical bedbug Cimex hemipterus is not Wheaton, Beltsville or Bethesda Maryland pest.  
  • If you have a cat or dog you think that it may be a flea bite, but fleas tend to bite only ankles and lower legs.

Bed Bug Identification and Bed Bug Life Cycle.

Bed bugs typically have five live cycle carnages. They molt five times and need a blood meal from you to compete each molt. After the five immature nymph life stages they then become an sexually mature adult. We exterminate bed bug infestations for commercial clients the own apartment buildings and have commercial pest management services.

How do you get Bed Bugs.

  • Use the heat from your dryer to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Bed bug Pest Control is difficult because the bugs hide deep in cracks so it may take more than one bed bug pest control treatment.
  • They squeeze in cracks as thin as a credit card making bed bug extermination service difficult.
  • Your dryer is a bed bug exterminators best friend because it dry’s up the eggs and kills the bugs.

Freezing Bed bugs.

  • Home Freezers reach temperatures low enough to kill most stages of bed bugs but it takes a few days.
  • Bed bugs use pheromones to communicate about nest locations, reproduction and feeding.
  • Bedbugs can survive for five days with light freezing.

 Bed bug Exterminator.

 Where do Bed Bugs Hide.

The bugs hide almost anywhere but the wood moldings near the bed are top bed bug hiding spots.The homeless sleeping on the street may get bedbugs as well as the rich and well to do Americans. I am an expert bed bug exterminator and get rid of bed bugs for about 50% less.

Bed bug infestations are located around or near the areas where people sleep. You can find the bugs in rooming houses apartments, shelters, dorm rooms, hotels even Landry rooms. Bed bugs tend to live within 6 feet of where people sleep but most are in the bed and bedding or just three feet form the bed. The best bed bug exterminator can have the pest out of your restaurant home or office the same day you call.

Look for bite marks on the face, arms, neck, and back, or any other body parts while sleeping. Fleas tend to bite ankles but bed bugs ted to bite only soft flesh so hands and feet are not as often bitten. Choose service from the leading Commercial pest control company serving Odenton, Shady Grove and Wheaton MD and expect to save about 50%.

The best bed bug treatment.

Bed bug Extermination treatments start by looking for the bed bugs’ exoskeletons. After molting these are almond in color and you are not likely to see one unless there are a group of them together because they are small. Look for red, rust red or black blood spots, you will find most of them on the top outer edges of the mattress. This defecated fecal material is black red or rust red in color depending on its age.

Bed bug Bites.

When bedbugs bite, they inject an anesthetic into you so you will not feel the bite, you will not realize you have ben bitten. Most people do not realize they have been bitten for several days or until they have multiple red lumps. The bite marks are look like that of a mosquito or a flea bite.

How did I get bed bugs?

Bed bug eggs are most often transported from place to place as people move about. The bug eggs travel in the seams and folds of clothing luggage, overnight bags, bedding, used furniture often have adult bugs. Most people gat a bed bugs infestation from the transfer of the eggs. As we sit we may pick up a cluster of eggs and transport them to a cars seat or our office chair. When a friend or coworker sits on the eggs they in turn take them home.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation Maryland.

Some signs of a Bed Bug Infestation  are red welts and blood spots on the bed .We are all at risk of getting bed bugs but anyone that shares living and sleeping quarters where other people have previously slept has a higher risk of getting or spreading a bed bug infestation. It seems that apartment buildings with a shared Landry seems to have an extra share of bed bug infestations. Some of the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation are shed exoskeleton, red fecal droppings live and dead bed bugs.

Bed Bug Exterminator In Maryland.

Bed bug Treatments.

Your dryers heat makes an excellent bed bug treatment, it heats up the bugs so all die in just one heat cycle. The bugs eggs and all can not handle even one dryer cycle. Alcohol is flammable so be carful but most professional bedbug exterminators use this on the mattress to kill the bugs, it works instantly, it kills the bugs and dries up the eggs. Bed bug Exterminating is not hard if you are able to get the professional insecticides.

The female takes about ten minutes to bite you and feed afterward when she is full she walks to the edge of your bed and defecates and lays an egg.  They may climb the walls and hide under a picture poster or mirror but she will only do this if there are lots of bed bug males to contend with.

 Pest Control Bed bugs

Exterminating Bed bug Eggs.

A bed bug can lay five hundred eggs in her lifetime so she is likely to lay four hundred and will live about two hundred days. If she has just ten friends they can lay four thousand bed bug eggs in your home in a few short months. The heat from just one dryer cycle exterminates bedbug eggs nymphs and the adults.

 I takes ten days for the egg to hatch and four months before the young bug can lay its first egg. When the young bugs bite you will not notice them at all because the bite is so small. . The new bed bug is so small you need a magnifier to see it, only after it is an adult do you notice the bites.

The eggs are of white in color and are so small you will need a magnifier to see them. Only the eggs laid near you will survive because the newly hatched bugs can not make a long trip. 

We know how to get rid of bed bugs in Maryland. Residential, Commercial and Industrial pest management in Maryland and surrounding area. We eliminate bed bugs in Maryland often for 50% less.

Laundering Kills Bed Bugs.

Washing clothing kills bed bugs, but it is the heat of drying that kills all remaining bedbugs. With a couple of common-sense practices, you will easily disinfest clothes and bedding from the bugs. Remove, blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, bed skirts and draperies. Launder items in hot water and use the highest heat setting in the dryer. Dry-cleaning also kills the bugs.

Don’t Use Foggers & Bug Bombs.

They are just not safe and study after study show that foggers or bug bombs are ineffective against the bugs. Bug foggers can’t get deep into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. The fogger scatters unhealthy insecticides throughout your living area.  This dust is hard to clean and even a vacuuming may scatter the insecticidal dust around your home.


Spider Pest Control in Maryland

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Spider Pest Control in Maryland.

All Grass spiders use their fangs to inject venom.  Only a few spider species are able to produce a bite more sever than a mosquito bite. Spiders are rarely aggressive toward humans, because they bite only in self defense.

Exterminating Black Widow Spiders.

The female black widow spider is considered the most venomous spider in North America. The venom of the black widow spider is 15 times as toxic as the venom of the prairie rattlesnake. The female black widow will, on occasion, kill and eat the male after mating.

Brown recluse spider

The brown recluse, is a spider with a necrotic venom and is one of two spiders with medically significant venom in North America.

How to Get Rid of Spiders.

With spider pest control, identifying the species may not be necessary because spider control can be as simple as destroying spider webs with a fly swatter, rag or newspaper. A vacuum cleaner pest control sucks spiders up and leaves less mess. Vacuuming spider webs is fast effective method of spider pest control.

Best Maryland Spider Exterminator.

Silver Springs Maryland’s best Spider exterminator is on call now. To detour spiders, outdoor lighting should use yellow bug lights or sodium vapor lights. Do not use white lights and mercury vapor lights. Exterminating Maryland Spiders is something we do best.

Spider Pest Control Using Pesticides.

Pesticides are very effective against Brown Recluse spiders, if I control the insects the spider eats I always exterminate the spiders because spiders can not live long without food. Brown Recluse, Black Widow and Grass spiders eat insect pests. The insecticide treatments I provide last for months to kill spiders and small invading pest and there by exterminating the spider.

Spider Pest Control Tips.

Spiders depend on small insects and the small insects depend on moisture to live, so dry things up and the spiders disappear, this is very inexpensive spider extermination treatment. My application of pesticides around your homes foundation, known as a barrier or perimeter treatments kill the small pests and the spiders themselves.

Got a Spider Problem?

Spray treatments are effective, Baltimore MD spider pest control treatment because I treat any damp arias that support unwanted bugs spiders may eat. Pesticide dust works well in arias that have little air movement like crawl spaces and attics. Using a dust to treat the inside of an electrical box is a safe and effective spider control treatment. The best Brown Recluse, Black Widow and Grass spider Exterminator Silver Spring MD has just costs less.

When spiders are a problem, Ex Pest Control is the spider extermination solution.

Squirrel Removal Maryland

Maryland Squirrel Removal

Maryland has it share of squirrels, my pest control company gets its share of squirrel remove calls. Gray squirrels removals are a large part of my pest control companies business. Trapping is the best way to remove nuisance wildlife like squirrels from an attic.

Squirrels are rodents, that constantly chew to wear down their always-growing incisor teeth. Gray Squirrels gnaw into the attics, causing water and structural damage, and damage to electrical wiring. There need to trim their teeth causes them to chew on your attics electrical wiring. I trap and exterminate Fox Squirrels that are chewing up your home. Your fast affordable Columbia Maryland Squirrel Removal is just a call away.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal.

To prevent nuisance  wildlife like Squirrels from climbing trees and utility poles by encircling them with a two-foot-wide collar of smooth metal. Place the Collar 6 feet above ground because Fox squirrels can jump well. Trees next to your home should be trimmed to prevent Delmarva Fox Squirrel from jumping onto roofs. This is the primary way a squirrel will make his way into your attic. Seldom will a Red squirrel climb a drain pipe or your siding. A tree is the number one ladder to your attic for a squirrel. These are a safe and humane wildlife removal and exclusion techniques the work.

Fox Squirrel Pest Control.

We are pest management professionals specializing in commercial, residential, squirrel pest control. Delmarva Fox Squirrel  have a gray to silver coat, and short rounded ears. The Delmarva fox squirrel often grows to 30 inches long, and weighs up to 3 pounds. Its tail can be fifteen inches long, these are largest tree squirrels in the United States.

Squirrel Trapping & Removal.

The best squirrel removals use Cage-type traps, they can be placed in areas where Red squirrels are observed. I trap most gray squirrels on the ground near the tree they use to climb onto your roof using suitable baits like walnuts and peanut butter. These work to some degree but I think oatmeal is best. I place my Squirrel trap over a pile of oatmeal and place a cement block on top to keep my Cage-type trap still. I often trap the Red squirrel the first day.

Get Rid of Squirrels.

Bird Feeders attract squirrels to your yard so get a squirrel proof feeder and clean up any dropped seed daily to Discourage Squirrels. To get rid of squirrels you must not provide a food supply or a tree that is used as a ladder to your roof and attic.

Squirrels in the Attic.

If there is more than one squirrel in your attic it is difficult to determine until I have trapped them all. The likelihood that I am dealing with a female with young is high during the spring. Squirrel removal should not take place in the attic because Squirrels in the attic are best trapped on the ground near the tree they use as a ladder.

Squirrel Removal / Wildlife Control. 

Trapping is the best form of wildlife control for skunks ground hogs and chipmunks are just a few wildlife pest that need to be trapped and controlled. Trapping is the best form of wildlife control because wildlife removal using have a hart traps is a humane form of wildlife control. Animal removal and safe wildlife control is just a call away.

We rent cage traps or we take care of the entire wildlife control and animal removal for you. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a toll-free Wildlife Damage Hotline in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture.

Squirrel Trapping & Critter Removal.

After I have identified the nuisance animals, I take the proper steps to safely trap capture and remove them. If animals or small critters need to be removed from within your home or office, I am an expert technician and can identify the rodent’s entry points and recommend the necessary work to prevent future nuisance animals reentry into restaurant home or office. Squirrel Trapping is my number one service call in the Silver Spring Maryland aria.

Termite Exterminator in Maryland. 

Best Maryland Price Save About 50%.

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Termite Control Companies Maryland. 

Not all Commercial Termite Control Companies are equal. If left unchecked terminates and carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage to your  home or business, formosan termites  for example, do more damage to Maryland homes annually than fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and combined.

Termite Management Maryland.

Delaying a drywood termite treatment can cost you thousands of dollars. I have seen extensive termite damage even in the attic. Most of Maryland’s termites are the Eastern Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes flavipes). Termites, like ants are social insects and live in colonies, the termite colony has several casts, a queen, soldiers, workers and to reproduce you may see the winged reproductive, swarmer’s. I have the Commercial Pest Management termite treatments that work.

How To Get Rid of Termites.

Ex Pest Control  provides comprehensive commercial pest control solutions for both single site and multi-site Maryland businesses.  From manufacturing facilities to restaurants to warehouses and office buildings, Ex Pest Control  has the experience and knowledge to protect our commercial customers from pests.

Exterminating Winged Termites.

The winged reproductive, or swarmer’s, is what most often homeowners see, and are not sure if these are flying ants or terminates. (flying ants). Swarmers are just a nuisance, because winged subterranean termites do not cause damage. We service Wheaton, Odenton and Montgomery village Maryland’s termite infestations and often cost 50% less.

Termite Swarmer’s mate and begin a new colony and even then the new colony will not be up to measurable strength for a couple of years. The worker is responsible for causing all the damage to wood and cellulose containing materials. Termite workers do not have eyes or wings and are soft-bodied, milk whitish in color and approximately 1/4 inch long. Termite colonies never stop eating.

If you have an infestation you will have thousands of theses destroying your home, get your Termite extermination before it is too late.

Termite Exterminator in Maryland.

Best Maryland Price Save About 50%.

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 Termite Treatment Cost Maryland.

Our Termite Treatment Cost are often 50% less because we don’t have TV advertising and supervisors to pay.

Subterranean Termite Treatment Costs are minimal if only a spot treatment is needed. Termite soldiers also have no eyes or wings but have enlarged mandibles which they use to defend the termite colony.

Termites get their nourishment from the sugars cellulose and starch which the tree stored during its growth. Insects, such as carpenter ants and carpenter bees, do not get food from the wood they excavate holes in the wood for shelter only. Maryland’s Wood Boring Beetles Carpenter Ants and termites need an expert exterminating service because of the damage they cause.

Subterranean Termite Control in Maryland.

Subterranean termite treatment costs can be considerable if a fumigation treatment is required because tenting a home requires a lot of labor. Swarming Termite Fumigation treatments work but are expensive. Most of the termite control cost is labor because the insecticides used are not too expensive.

Termite Inspection Imaging Technology.

Most inspectors  just tap on wood to detect terminate activity but with FLIR ONE™ Imaging Technology I detect the hot spots and locate and eradicate all wood destroying pests. Chopping holes in your homes walls to detect termite activity is out of the question so I image them with FLIR ONE™ imaging technology. When termite colonels are present they give off extra warmth so I detect the warmth in the walls with this state of the art device. We still tap prod poke and inspect for frass and kicked out dust but we also image an aria to see if it has extra heat. This state of the art device takes most of the guesswork out of a termite inspection.

Termite Control Maryland.

  • Brake a few of the subterranean termite mud tubes because with an active infestation they quickly fix them.
  • Most Termite Inspections are made by tapping on and poking the wood if it makes a hollow sound it is infested.
  • Inspect for sawdust hanging from spider webs because the kicked out frass gets caught in the webs.
  • listen for sounds coming from the wall as they chew new tunnels through damp wood.
  • Exterior foundations of an infested homes often have a mud tube going to the ground.
  • Swarming Termites look a lot like winged ants.
  • The colony may number from several hundred to several million, an average colony has 500,000 termites.
  • A typical colony contains nymphs (semi-mature young), workers, soldiers, and many egg-laying queens.
  • Mud tubes can be found hanging from the ceiling and rafters.
  • The average termite colony lives about 2 to 5 feet below the surface and always above the water table.

How to get rid of winged termites.

Finding winged termites in your home is a sure sign of infestation but the actual infestation begins when warm temperatures and heavy rainfall trigger an established colony to send out a swarm of winged termites. Winged, reproductive termites are often mistaken for flying ants, but are smaller than ants and have straight, rather than bent, antennae.

How to Get Rid of Termites.

We use the latest, most effective termite defense products to get rid of termites and provide you with peace of mind.  Termidor termiticides are used to exterminate subterranean termites but do not repel the bugs  like the older repellent termiticide treatment chemicals do. Termidor® is an advanced, liquid technology that termites cannot, smell, taste, they ingest Termidor®, which then kills the entire colony.

Signs of Termite Infestation Maryland.

Drywood Termites live within the wood, not soil so infestations are hard to detect. The drywood droppings, (frass) look like small, ridged, wood-colored pellets that are so small they are often over looked. Hire Licensed termite inspectors for the homes termite inspection because this small insect is hard to eliminate. We know How to Kill Termites affordably. Do My Own Pest Control and Do your Own Pest Control are suppliers that have professional pest control supplies that Eradicate Termites.

Termite Inspection in Maryland.

During the course of our homes inspection we are looking for signs of wood damage dead or dying insects sawdust and kicked out frass from termite holes. Spider webs often catch the speckled gray frass for our examination.

Fly Pest Control.

There is a lot flies that infest Baltimore, Bowie and central Maryland. Drain Flies are often a service call I receive because drain flies live in the sludge in the air vents of your sink. House flies and fruit flies are a commercial restaurants nightmare.

Flea Extermination.

Does you home have fleas? Flea bites can be painful and most of the time they are low on your body so look for the bites on ankles lower legs.

Mosquitos Eradication.

If you have mosquitos and are having a wedding barbeque or some other event in your yard I can treat the entire yard to prevent mosquito bites. I like to do a mosquito treatment the day before or at least six hours before the event. Call because I exterminate mosquitos.

Eliminating Gnats.

Gnats can be as bothersome pest control problem as ticks fleas or mosquitos because these too are so small few people are sure what bug bit them. The Gnats can be in your bed as well as in your bedroom carpets. I must treat your home for gnats as if you had fleas because gnats are often in the carpet or in your pets bedding.

Wasps and Bee Extermination.

Wasp Exterminating.

Wasps and bees sting to defend their colony. Yellowjacket species can become aggressive during the fall and may sting unprovoked. In the fall there is little to eat and they become attracted to empty soda cans and anything that may contain sugar. When disturbed you will need my bee exterminating service. Yellow jackets, paper wasps and bumblebees sting more than one time because they pull out their stinger and so can sting again so if stung the stinger is not left in your skin. Yellowjackets and paper wasps and bees are very protective and will defend their colonies if threatened. My Baltimore bee and wasp exterminating service is ready to serve you now.

Bee Pest Control.

We are carful to exterminate only troublesome bee’s wasps and hornets and fully understand their importance to our enviurment. A bee will leave its stinger in you but a wasp can sting many times and still keep its stinger. We eliminate Ellicott City, Olney and Bethesda Maryland’s bee problems call now because we often cost 50% less.

Fumigation / Pesticides.

Termites and wood boring insects may need fumigation. Aerosol cans of pesticides are intentionally week for homeowner use. The total-release aerosol’s, are not effective and are a health hazard. Fumigants are pesticides in the form of poisonous gasses.

Commercial Pest Management.

Commercial Property Management… Construction Sites… Food Processing… Government… Healthcare Facilities…

Hotels…Offices… Retail… Restaurants… Bars… Supermarkets… Warehousing.

 Commercial Pest Control Maryland.

Call for Maryland’s best commercial pest control service we, keep squirrels out of the attic and mice out of the kitchen. We are experts and know how to get rid of ants and other pests that tend to infest commercial buildings. Get your free no obligation inspection, I take the time to evaluate any potential pest problems and provide tailored solutions. Our Columbia Rockville and Gaithersburg business customers receive the best pest service in Maryland.

Commercial Restaurant Pest Control Problems.

Cockroaches Flies Mice Ants and rats are the top pests a Baltimore restaurant owner must face. Your small business in on the line and we know it, so we inspect carefully and treat an infestation immediately. Trash dumpsters tempt rats and mice and trash cans lure flies so we educated and help our commercial customers remain pest free. Germantown Laure and Silver Spring business count on Ex Pest Control to keep their commercial properties pest free.

Commercial Business Pest Control Maryland.

Most business owners do not have a clue how to manage a large infestation of ants or cockroaches so we use safe and effective treatments that last for months to keep our office, restaurant and warehouse owners pest free. Our affordable treatment plans keep the annoying pests out of the workplace. College Park,  Rockville and Bowe restaurant owners look to Ex Pest Control to keep them pest free.

Commercial Pest Management Maryland.

Pest management service need our help to control bed bugs in apartment buildings. These management services also need rodent help to keep rats and mice away from their properties. We manage Bed bugs ants and other Maryland pests and keep our commercial custimers pest free.

We incorporate Integrated Pest Management(IPM) practices as much as possible, they are environmentally safe and responsible ways to control nuisance pests that affect sensitive commercial customers.

Commercial Services Maryland.

We provide the best Commercial pest control Services often for 50% less than others have to charge. They have TV Advertising and Supervises that drive up costs so often our Commercial pest control service is half price.


Maryland requires all rodent pesticides to be in lockable bait boxes or in factory sealed bait stations. Bait type pesticides have there place but traps work best with house mice. I use a pesticide bait in a locked bait boxes, they work well as an exterior rodent protection. insecticides.


The low rodenticide potency helps to prevent secondary poising’s because a cat for example may have to eat five poised mice to be affective. Safe Columbia MD pest control is not an accident. Mice rats and squirrels are of the of the order Rodentia so a pesticide that exterminates rodents is a rodenticide.

Anticoagulant rodenticides.

With anticoagulant rodenticides death may take a week to become lethal because Anticoagulant rodenticides block the vitamin K cycle, resulting in inability of blood clotting. Anticoagulants cause damage to blood vessels causing internal bleeding. Bedbugs inject saliva with anticoagulants.


An Attractant use pheromones and bait such as sugar peanut butter to attract the pest to a snap trap or glue trap. Attractants pose no hazard because they lure pests and have not poison.


The Maryland State Pest Control Association and National Pest Management Association support IPM pest Management. The Maryland Department of Agriculture  sets Maryland’s pest management IPM standards.

Maryland’s Department of Agriculture, provides the Licensed, and regulations its  for Structural Pest Control.  Integrated Pest Management methods, meet the needs of customers who prefer less pesticide usage. Ex Pest Control services, commercial buildings, schools, restaurants and pretty much anywhere there is a pest problem.

Some of the common pests and wildlife we deal with are termites, spiders bed bugscockroaches ants, , bats, bees,  and many other insects and rodents that invade Maryland homes. Call my  Silver Spring service, don’t put up with annoying pests  contact us, so we can solve your pest problem today.


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